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Moments of Life

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Posted · Original PosterOP

do you ever feel like you dont have enough moments in your life where you feel like your actually "living"? 


for me probably 6 out of the 7 days feels like i dont really live life, and i mean the fact that its the same rinse and repeat pattern. though i try to make the most of it and am not depressed or down in any way, where i try to entertain my friends as much as i can. i feel like 1 out of the 7 days of a week is where i actually feel like im living. because on that 1 day of the week i do something special or different than the other 6, (unless a really nice video game comes out then i basically waste it away for the next 3 weeks). 

Space Journal #1: So Apparently i  was dropped on the moon like i'm a mars rover, in a matter of hours i have found the transformers on the dark side of the moon. Turns out its not that dark since dem robots are filled with lights, i waved hi to the Russians on the space station, turns out all those stories about space finding humans instead of the other way around is true(soviet Russia joke). They threw me some Heineken beer and I've been sitting staring at the people of this forum and earth since. 

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Exactly how I feel. Outside of photography/building computers I don't get too much enjoyment out of life. 

RIP in pepperonis m8s

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Well yeah thats every day for me right now. Thats why I've concluded that by the end of 2015 I'll do something more with life.

Computing enthusiast. 
I use to be able to input a cheat code now I've got to input a credit card - Total Biscuit

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i know that feel... college, work, sleep, eat... rinse and repeat each day... except sundays... eat, house work, college, sleep

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Most of our lives are spent sleeping and dissociating as we go throughout our daily routine. 

We all have those days, we just have to make the best of things as we only have one life to live. Don't get hung up with worrying about things, just spend as much time as you can making the world a better and more enjoyable place for yourself and others. #YOLO

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   Hail Sithis!

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Take risks, shoot for the stars, fall down, get up, ask that cute girl or guy out on a date, help others. I have been trying to do this for the past 6 months otherwise I fall into a rut.

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as long as my pc and console is running and no exams my life is good all 7/7 days


Linux is the future

- Gabe newell at linux con

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I waste a lot of my time just dwelling on things I have no control over and not actually taking control of what I want to do.


When I take risks, I love it and I hate it... but it's a great feeling overall. 

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For the past 9 months I have left the house like 4 or 5 times to actually do anything social. It's either to go to my other parent's house, or for an appointment, where I have to awkwardly explain to my doctor that I don't do anything. :D


I don't really get fulfilment or enjoyment out of life, so I like to spend as much of it asleep as possible. I figure if I can sleep twice as much as usual then I'm effectively halving my life. So if you hate life then just sleep, or hop the twig. If work well if you can actually do it.

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I don't really feel like living. It's the same stuff every day, every week, every month, every year... Same faces, same routines, same places, same problems... Only different date. This is why most of my day (well... Most of my life) goes on the internet. I just wish I was somewhere else.


They say one's "life" starts when you get a job, others say "life" starts on the first holiday from work, and other working age people say "life" already started in school but they didn't realize it... Anyone see where this is going? People say to enjoy your life when you have it, but not everyone enjoys their life like it is, and thus they don't get to "live" their life. Life doesn't need to be glorious, but it would be nice to have at least something different every now and then


I guess I belong to those people whose "life" starts after getting a job... Can't really enjoy life when being a student, there's no money, and money is a requirement to do 95% of the things in the world nowadays.

Never trust my advice. Only take any and all advice from me with a grain of salt. Just a heads up.

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