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water block compatibility

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a lot of coolers are useable on many different cpus, a h100 will fit on Intel LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 sockets, so will a 2011 water block fit on a 1150 socket? the block in question is a water cool water bock, it says its good for 2011 and 1366. i don't see why it wouldn't fit if the mounting holes line up, anyone have experience with this?

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if it fits, it sits. if it doesn't fit, it won't sit. just as simple is that, so it won't fit

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What block?

Usually they have different mounting thingys for different sockets, some have all of them included for others you need to buy them separately.

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The thing with cpu mounting hardware is it all has the same degree angle going out from the cpu the only thing that changes is the distance the hole is from the center of the cpu. Due to the different size socket type. Some blocks are specifit to that socket. Like a 1155 and 1156 have the same socket layout and i do beleive the 1150 has the same aswell. Have not looked into it. But the 1366 and 2011 are much larger chip sizes so if it isnt a universal mount it wont fit.

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