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Report: Google Has Assigned Engineers To Build A Version Of Android Just For Virtual Reality

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VR specific Android? Say it ain't so, but it seems like its going to be a thing. While I don't particularly agree with the idea that we're going to have yet another version of Android that Google won't maintain beyond giving it out to OEMs, i do think its a good idea that Google look at Androids usability as it stands and see if they can improve the VR experience of the OS.



At the first few major tech conferences of the year, CES in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the current trend of virtual reality is inescapable. Such disparate players as Facebook, Samsung, and Razer are all throwing their weight behind various virtual reality headsets, and software developers are scrambling to meet the demand for apps, games, and videos. According to this report by the Wall Street Journal, Google isn't content to dip its toe into VR with the mostly experimental Cardboard platform. The paper cites "two people familiar with the project" who say that the company is working on another branch of Android specifically for virtual reality hardware and software.


The WSJ paints a picture of yet another Android offshoot in the vein of Android Wear, Android Auto, and Android TV. Google isn't exactly unfamiliar with the world of VR: the aforementioned Cardboard project has been going strong since I/O 2014, steadily adding new apps and developers. Google was still handing out free Cardboard do-it-yourself kits at GDC as late as last week. There's also Google Glass to consider - while that extremely niche hardware was more about augmented reality than virtual reality, a lot of the same ergonomic and UI lessons cross over.




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You are serious into news ^^


Looking forward to see how the controll will feel like, hope that the HTC Vive will be 200-300$ max :P

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please start from scratch and remove java junk 

Linux + wayland + Android VR UI

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10/10 Article. Care to elaborate?

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