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Austin Powers

Keyboards and mouses/mice generation

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Let's forget about the previous version of keyboards and start from rubber dome/membrane keyboards. From non-reliable to reliable(not really but I think it is way better than membrane keyboards) to mechanical keyboards. Okay now I understand on mechanical keyboards.

Now my question is on mouses/mice. is there any improvement or any next generation that is just like the keyboards out there? From what I see on mouses/mice even those expensive ones, they always have problem like double clicking, some macro buttons and left&right not function well after a long use.

Quick question on mouse/mice, is there any improvements for the future generation of mice/mouse?

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The closest parallel to rubber dome and mechanical keyboards is laser and optical sensors. Optical came first and tends to be better, yet most flagship mice have laser sensors put into them due to being able to market "laser sensor!", which sounds a lot more impressive than "optical sensor!"

Hence, you have cheaper mice like the Logitech G400 being more accurate than the G500/G600/G700, the Razer Deathadder being more accurate than the Mamba/Ouroboros/Taipan/Naga, the Roccat Savu being more accurate than the Kone, the CM Storm Spawn being more accurate than the Sentinel/Inferno, the Cyborg R.A.T. 3 being more accurate than the R.A.T. 5/7/9/MMO and a budget company like Zowie who's entire line (edit: only half of their entire line, my bad) is more accurate than the majority of Logitech's and Razer's mice.

You even have Razer's new Krait 2013 which is identical to the Taipan, but smaller...and it's a better mouse, because they put in a better optical sensor than the laser one in it's bigger brother.

The sole exception so far is CM Storm's new Recon mouse. CM Storm tends to be pretty good at giving gamers what they ask for, hence the reason they're now bringing out their fifth and sixth mech keyboards with their entire line offering at least 3 different switches per model, while some companies are just bringing out their first, sometimes with only a single switch (Corsair, Logitech, Roccat...)

Other than that?

Trackballs seem to have some fans, but gamers obviously prefer the traditional mouse due to the type of control it gives them. Some people also believe mice should be leaning to the right (for right-handers, anyway), in the same way "ergonomic" mice do. If you search for the Handshoe mouse or Evoluent mouse in Google, you'll see what I mean. It's a more natural position for the hand, but again it decreases control for gaming, so maybe somewhere in the middle might be good?

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Toby pretty much covered it. There are two sensor types: optical ('first' gen) and lasers ('second' gen). I can tell you from personal experience, that optical mice track better or at least I seem to be more accurate with them. I would choose a optical mouse over a laser mouse any day. The only issue is, that I haven't found a optical mouse that I can really grip comfortably.

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The closest parallel to rubber dome and mechanical keyboards is laser and optical sensors.

...not on the same page on this one, toby ^^

my all time favorite mouse is still the Logitech Dual Optical, designwise and with that future technology a real deal at the time of release, BUT ( to tell again ) any quake player will stand up and point to the non plus ultra: the Razer Boomslang Ballmouse...this is history and can not be denied !

i used ball, optical, dual optical, laser and dual laser mice...my current is the G700; never found a Razer that matched like the boomslang again (@ Austin Powers btw. nice one... have a similar thread to that one in the pipe, but not all the visual material ready to post it.. )

This is an alpha...this is not a beta. Yeah...and we're running it on production ! [LinusTech & SlickPC]   ~    More Power Than All the Computers in 1999! [Our Servers ^^]


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Nah, forget about it -.-. I forgot to mention about those double click issues or sometimes they won't even respond when you left clicking them. I was curious, is there any improvement over this in the future? I spend so much on an expensive mouse and a few weeks later, they just malfunction(always related to clickings)

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