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Plan for a custom SFF PC

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to build a mini-itx gaming PC but instead of buying a case I've been thinking of actually designing and building it myself.  Spoke to someone who said that he can help make it in aluminium.

I'm starting this thread to see if the 2 plans that I have are any good.


CPU is 4790k, GPU is a Twin Frozr 970 (haven't bought it yet, waiting to see what AMD will unveil).


I'm also looking for some advice on good airflow for both plans because this computer will at times be operated in rooms where the ambient temperature will be over 25C (77F) and can even go over 30C (86F).  I also don't want to go the water cooling route so no AIOs or custom loops.


I like the 20cm tall version as I wouldn't have to use a riser cable for the gpu and I can vent it straight out of the case with a cutout but I really like the dimensions of the 10cm tall version.

Hope the diagrams are easy to understand (the airflow ideas that are in the plans were just initial ideas, so disregard that as well as the spelling mistake :lol: ).


Advice will be really appreciated.




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Youre gonna need some better drawings, maybe get sketchup its free

My rig. Case & psu: evga hadron air. Cpu: Intel i5 4690k. Gpu: MSI gtx970 4gd5 OC. Mobo: Gigabyte GA-z97n gaming 3. Ram: 2x4gb Crucial Balistics Tactical @ 1866mhz. Cooler: Noctua NH-U9B se2. Ssd: Crucial mx100 512gb.

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Just some food for thought: get the i7-4790S instead. It has a lower TDP, which should be very helpful on a case with limited airflow. Or, get the Xeons. They are more efficient (and cheaper) i7s, but without the iGPU and OC.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the replies.


I've downloaded sketchup and am just getting the hang of it now.


Xeons like the E3-1231 and 1241 are actually a good alternative especially because I don't wish to overclock either the cpu or gpu.  My initial cpu choice was a i5-44xx but I thought that it would be better to have more threads for games which take advantage of that.


What do you think of the Antec IS K600?  It has similar dimensions to the 2nd plan, and can fit a NH-D15.  For better airflow I could use a NH-C14  and modify the top of the case by adding 2 140mm fans.  I can also cut out a piece from the gpu side and add perforated clear acrylic so the full length of the gpu will get better ventilation and you'll also be able to look inside.



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