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Firefox being forced to use HTML5 for youtube. This also creates flaw to download youtube videos w/o add ons.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Seems just happened around today that firefox users has being forcefully switched to HTML5 for youtube.
This is bad because only 360p and 720p resolutions are available, and HTML5 videos looked dimmer.


and the download flaw:

Just a hint to not to be so obvious. But I really pissed off of HTML5 forceful implementation without considering that the video window is 480p while current format only 360p and 720p. With still the same old audio level problem even using flash player that certain videos especially music videos have their audio level permanently lowered.

1.Click the supply identity info at the left of the URL(usually the grey ! with triangle or a lock or a globe).
2.Click more information...
3.Select media tab
3.Find the address with the type video.
4.You all figure out the rest

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