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Mentally Challenged Potato

How exactly does the NCIX store price match work?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I plan on getting my PC real soon, about 3 weeks from now. I want to purchase my parts locally from NCIX but I also want to get the deals they have online from other dealers.  

For example Memory Express might have a power supply for 59 bucks (after instant savings of 30) 

and NCIX might have the same thing for 79

Would I be able to save by showing them that an online store has a better deal and get it cheaper that way? I need to save every bit of money that I can because I'll be going to university and I'll be broke  


here's my parts and I want to buy locally from an NCIX store in Toronto  

So if someone could explain how the NCIX store price match works it'd be great help!

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they do some of the price matches if they have it in stock, for example, they did new-egg and canada-computers for me, if it is pretty reasonably well know to the common person then it should be fine, but they wont price match with places like memory express and stuff, only big names.

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I'd recommend something like this: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/VpRxP6

CPU - overclock-able

RAM - you wanted 8gb

GPU - Crossfire 2 powerful-ish cards is better than the 970 (my opinion)

Harddrive - 1tb is enough

i have a 280 in my build, for the price,, this build is very good for the price, but if your picking a gpu, PLEASE. be careful what brand you get, msi is a good brand with a good cooler, some cards though, example club3d, have horrible coolers. i have this card personally and can confirm it works very well and should be suitable for anything you need.

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From my experience, you just mention that you saw it for a better price somewhere and they will look it up to verify.

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If you purchase it in person at the store just tell them which retailer (MemoryExpress, Newegg, CanadaComputers, DirectCanada, TigerDirect, etc.) has a lower price and they will check the competitor's website. The item has to be in stock at the competitor for them to approve it. Also the part # / model # has to match exactly.


If you order (for in-store pickup) on the NCIX website, in your shopping cart you can add price match requests for each item with the price and the link to the competitor's website. Then they will email you telling you if the price match is approved or not. I think this is much easier in my opinion.


I've only had one price match (for thermal compound) rejected in-store, but usually they are pretty good at it. One time NCIX actually gave me a lower price than the competitor, but I can't remember what item I was buying.

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