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i have play "Crysis 1" this days, and is a bad experience so far (and i love play CoD MWx)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

it's just me or anyone else have bad experience with Crysis 1 ?

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its ok 

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Yeah it wasn't really my type of game either, you do get sucked in if you pay attention to the story.


The graphics probably aren't living up to the hype if you are just playing it now, it was outstanding on release though, even though it cost you a small fortune to max out back then and is very poorly optimized for todays hardware.


Is cool

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I always thought of it as a okay game with great graphics, and the graphics don't look that great anymore (without mods)


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I personally liked the story in 2 more than the one in 1. I have yet to play 3 though.

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