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Arma 3, Upgrade my CPU or GPU?

I am getting very mixed signals...

Bottom line get a new CPU and GPU if you want to run Arma 3 at decent settings.

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If you could grab something like a used i5 2500k and a P67/Z68 motherboard for cheap that would be a much better upgrade. I don't think that the A10-6300K is that big of an upgrade when it comes to single threaded performance.

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Would the AMD A10-6300K be enough or should I switch motherboard and CPU entirely?

Simply for longevity purposes i would suggest getting a new motherboard and cpu. However the A10 should be fine unless you are going with a high end graphics card 970/r9 290 or above.



You can get an i5-4440 for $177 and cheap H81M mobo for $45.


Then stick with your current GPU until you can get a good 2nd hand card for the remaining money.

Something along these lines or perhaps a z97 motherboard and Broadwell cpu when they come out. Really depends. You could even go with a fx-8350. Like others said i would suggest getting the cpu (and motherboard should you decide to switch platforms) first then getting a gpu in the event you cant upgrade everything at once. 

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