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What should I review next?

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Do a comparison of drawing tablets
(IE 50 dollar VS 100 VS Enthusiast screen built in)




iPad mini VS Surface etc.


See how the computing experience differs. IE "Can I use just a pen if I so desire and never ever type on the keyboard? For daily tasks? Which is the best?"

"How is the drawing experience? Is a 50 dollar tablet on a cheap computer better than using a stylus for an iPad or is an iPad better than an enthusiast drawing tablet on an extreme desktop workstation?"



Comes from my small hobby desire to create digital art. I bought a H950P from Huion & found out with no manual driver installation, I can do quite a lot on it.

LTT Fan Fiction:

PC game list: 


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6 hours ago, fpo said:

Do a comparison of drawing tablets
(IE 50 dollar VS 100 VS Enthusiast screen built in)

Yes and then tear down each one, and put it back together and see if it will run.

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For a video, it would be cool if you would try to make your own laptop in a sence, buy a Chassis for a laptop, custom cool it with watercooling and somehow cram a small mobo with a gpu that you can mount with a ryzer and mount the fans either down or somehow make it so you cram everything along the display so you have open air. Like it was in msi's laptop i believe.

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Not sure if mentioned already but Ryzen mobile would be pretty cool! Mainly because I own one :P 

Main Laptop (Gearsy MK2): Ryzen 5 2500U, Vega 8 Mobile,12 GB 2400 Mhz DDR4, 250 GB 960 Evo NVME PCIE SSD  1 TB HDD, 15.6" 1080p IPS Touchscreen 

HP Envy X360 15z (Ryzen)


Sleeper PC (Gearsy): A6 3650, MSI Armour 2X GTX 950 , 8 GB 1600 Mhz Kingston DDR3, Some Random Mobo Lol, EVGA 450W BT PSU, Stock Cooler, 128 GB Kingston SSD, 1 TB WD Blue 7200 RPM

HP P7 1234 (Yes It's Actually Called That) 


Also im happy to answer any Ryzen Mobile questions if anyone is intrested! 






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Review this sweet tablet with 8 cores, at 1.7GHZ 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for only 80$. Thats one hell of a heavy price per performance spec aint it? https://amzn.to/2S3CHZ8

 (Theres loads of these kind of "Too good to be true" tablets as i like to call them, just search on amazon and within 2 minutes you will probably find at least 1)

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Hi, I will like to see a review or a custom made "Air purification PC case"
The idea is that people with allergies or asthma are using air purification systems to clean the room from any dust or pollen particles in the air. These systems are expensive and basically is a big fan pushing the air thru a series of filters. My pc is running almost 16hours per day will be nice to "purify" my room also. I search online and I found out that Silverstone have made a case like this and I was thinking if you can put it to the test or make your own "Linus style" custom project.

SilverStone SST-MM01B - Mammoth:



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I think you should do a Gaming FPS comparison on a system loaded with stuff like a normal gaming computer. Probably no need to run the complete gamut of Intel/AMD products, just some that make sense for the price category for the RGB stuff.


NZXT lighting + corsair iCue, maybe itunes or amazon music bootstrapper (and other background processes that run on most peoples systems all the time.) People don't generally start off with a clean system so that might produce a more real world result. (Specifically I am wondering if it doesn't show how important 4+ cores are in today's gaming world).


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Michael Reeves's YouTube channel.

I once wrote a fan fiction between Luke and Dennis for Luke on one of his streams, he never read it, I SPENT 15MIN ON THAT!!!! (read it here: test1.docx )

and i am also the man who asked Linus to set his profile pic on twitter to something awesome: https://twitter.com/samiscool51/status/758526342396715009

(i didn't expect him to reply, nor for it to turn into official merchandise and actually affect LTT's video style!!!! i am god!!!) 

System Config: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/yJ2cQV

Anyone reading this is a very nosy wanker....

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There are guides online one how to make your own ModBook Pro [http://www.modbook.com], so it would be pretty cool to see Anthony give it a go.


Its essentially flipping the screen around and putting in a capacitive digitiser (Which you can get from eBay or Aliexpress (Theres a merchant that sells custom digitisers)). 

- Get screen out

- Flip around + cut panel with a Dremel

- Insert screen + digitiser

- With the keyboard, it's actually (at least on older MacBooks) attached via a custom USB controller, which has additional pins for the power button, so because you don't need the keyboard, you can use that controller, and retain all the ports you need. You can find the pinout online for that. 


I think it would be really cool.

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USED PHONES - Best Bang For your Buck! 

or Best Phones for Long Term Users


I would love to see a breakdown on what phones are worth the money for people that buy phones they keep for multiple years or for those upgrading with used phones.


- you could compare price ranges vs what you get (for example I just bought a 6-month-old Galaxy S9+ for the same price I could have bought a four-year-old Iphone 7+)

- comparison of battery conditions you're getting on the used/refurbished phones you buy

- known issues / or problems that are common with certain phones when they get old (for example, Galaxy S5 ram turned to junk after a year of use) 

- quality of long term software support for products


Hope to see my suggestion show up on LTT, I think a whole lot of people would get some use out of this one 👍

Congrats on 8 million subs. 


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Please do a video something like "The cheapest computer on earth" about the Raspberry Pi3. I know that it came out a while ago, but it really is a viable option for a computer on the cheap, that is more then fast enough for running Linux, and word processing applications, such as libre office. I know that you already did a video with the whole tablet thing, but I would like to see something from the point of it being used as an actual computer for adults. It really is a great option, and is easy to get set up. Only $30. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b/

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I don't know if Linus or LTT staffs will ever see this post, but worth a shot:

I came across this monitor on Tmall(basically Chinese amazon) a few days ago. The listing labels this monitor is 4k@60hz AND able to run 2k@144hz

AND a review video below shows this monitor can also run at 1080p@240hz!! The best part is this monitor cost only 699 cny (~100usd)!

I did not believe this was legit as well then I messaged the ppl who posted the videos, he then made a second video to checkout the pixel density. After watched that second video , I started to suspect this is actually a 4k panel.


Here are the two review videos I mentioned: (plz let staff who can read Chinese handle this, or I could help as well)

1. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av42818310

2. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av43020098



Here is the link of this monitor:



I am really curious about this monitor now so I want to share with you guys for a possible future video. I would buy and checkout myself but unfortunately I am currently not in China.


P.S. BTW The "Cheap AliExpress Monitor" review you guys did weeks ago was a pretty bad representation(in term of price/gain) of monitor from China, there are a lot of decent 1080p or 2k monitor available under $200. The monitor above do shock me though.

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Here me out on this, do a comparative review of the support software for both Nvidia and Radeon GPUs.


As a life long Nvidia user I was surprised when I got my first ever Radeon GPU yesterday and the depth of the Radeon "Control Panel" was far deeper than I could have imagined. I was pleasantly surprised that opinion my years of use of one product was overturned by the user experience of the other.

To some it might be a deciding factor to know what are the software tools that come with the hardware, a better user experience can overcome a deficiency raw power.


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make a video about this please...

It's a cheap laptop from China, with 4 cores and 4 threads intel CPU. It's like a redesigned macbook air I believe, just wanted to know how this laptop perform on day to day task.

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How about a silly video about the 'foot catch method' but with some actual testing, maybe put an egg in a little box to represent a sensitive computer component then drop it from hip height with foot catch and without foot catch. I'm not sure that @LinusTech would be able to star in the video because sandals, but it could still be fun. A title like 'Footloose or how to reduce fall damage' perhaps. Start with a bad Infomercial style black and white opening 'Oh no, you dropped X again! That'll cost $10,000!' and then Linus pops in and the color returns and he says 'but wait there's a way' and then he drops the thing and catches it with his foot, cut to sponsor roll, return to a more serious Linus talking about mitigating impact damage with well timed foot work, explaining how decades of playing hacky sack have honed his skills to that of a veritable foot ninja, then onto an explanation of the very scientific testing using an egg inside a box, how it'll be dropped from the counter height of whatever meters onto the floor 3 times, then same height but with his patented foot catch method 3 times, cut to montage of hilariously kicking egg in box across room at least once, and results showing that in neither case did the egg break because modern packaging is pretty good. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE, they go for the bonus winner takes all round, Linus gets dangerous and goes BARE EGG! Bare egg falls onto floor, SPLAT! Linus drops bare egg off counter and....slow mo...does it survive the patented Linus ninja foot save maneuver? FIND OUT AFTER THIS MESSAGE FROM MACK WELDON.

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Huawei Matebook X Pro is getting a refresh this year. So there is an oppertunity for that to be reviewed. 


They are also launching the Matebook 13 along with the Matebook 14 which are both rather interesting units.


Looking forward to possible reviews of those devices. 


Dont miss em this year

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The LG Gram 17 is a disappointment.

You should take a look at Inspiron 7786: a much cheaper 17 inch 2-in-1 with a dedicated MX150 GPU.

"Mankind’s greatest mistake will be its inability to control the technology it has created."

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This isn't really a review suggestion, i was just wondering why my favorite tech channel hasn't done a tutorial or project yet on creating a custom LCD side panel case.  I have seen a few on U tube that seem like they could border on the downright dangerous, and i just think you guys would take care to show a safe and plausible way to complete such an undertaking.  Also, seriously.? Come on, how cool are those cases?!

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