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macbook air 2014

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Hi guys,

I want to buy a macbook air and i've found the base model at a local store for 850euro but i am afraid the 4GB of ram will not be enough and since the 8GB model comes only with a 256GB ssd which i don't need i would have to buy on the apple site where it is 250 euro more expensive. I will be using it for everyday tasks (safari, some light java and c programming for school, listening to music, watching videos, ms word, ms powerpoint, ....) but not for music creating and photo/videoediting.

So do you think 4GB ram is going to be enough for those tasks or should i get 8GB for the 250 euro?

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I would opt for the 8GB if you insist on the MBA. Just keep in mind you can not upgrade RAM in new Macbooks, it's soldered to the logic board. You should also considering buying from the refurb store, as it's nearly the same product. Apple takes products returned within the 14-day return period, replaces the inclosure and battery, and sells it for a (usually) deep discount.




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I wouldn't be too worried about the 4 gigs of ram. Those are plenty with OSX's ram managing system. The 1.3 Ghz Intel Core i5 is what I would upgrade to an i7, especially if you plan on using it for more than just watching Youtube Videos.

I once had one of these, now I've got this.

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