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I would love to have a NUC. I've been thinking about getting one as a replacement for my media system on my TV, given the small size and power needs. It would use networked and external storage primarily. I know there are cheaper options and more powerful options, but this fits right into the sweet spot of what I've been looking to do. :) I certainly hope I win!

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With this i can turn off my heater (130W cpu) when i am just watching media!

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My current computer is a latter-half 2008 macbook with a 30GB drive partition with windows installed onto it and it isn't even actually fully mine. Core 2 duo at 2.4GHz, Geforce 9400m that is constantly throttling. Getting this would be absolutely amazing! I recently bought a USB DAC and it does not work on either the windows side or the mac side of the mac. I have to use a crappy 1.5GHz celeron laptop that my mum was given for free by her work. It has major restrictions on it. No installing/uninstalling, no .exe's, you can't even download .exe's! I introduced my best friend to computers about a year ago and he has already built a $2800 4k capable gaming PC. I was saving up for my own about 6 months before he started saving. Getting this NUC would be amazing! I really hope this is chosen by need and not at random. It's great that giveaways like this exist. Love your content LMG! :D  

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Need to try this out! This way I could have a better experience than what I can actually have with Steam In-Home streaming!

Just tag @ChatDaw so I can answer as fast as possible.

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Thanks, nice of Intel. I would love a nuc.

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