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Steam sales tips?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been hearing that there are strategies done to get the cheapest deal of any game. Like buying last minute before the sales end. Is that true that almost all the games goes down to their cheapest price on the last hours of the sales?

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Just watching the games you want and doing your research.
Some games are 40% pretty much whole sale except for 1 day where they are 75% (Like Skyrim).

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I would not say that there is a strategy. If you saw a game you wanted, think its a fair price, buy it.




Seen left 4 dead 2 at 5 euro a couple of months ago

is 10 euros today - do I want it? not really. Not worth it. Don't buy(for me at least)


Being patient is probably a good strategy, but sometimes some games don't go on sale for months, so just be aware of that.

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Unless the game is a new release OR still in development, you can expect a sale of at least 60%. If they are not heavily discounted during normal hours (normal hours being a non flash/community choice/daily deal), then you can hold out for it to be on sale under one of those categories. This is solely my opinion, and have no concrete evidence to back up the 60%. It is just the average of what I have noticed over the years during Steam sales. The 60% is a bit of a low ball, since many games will drop to 75% as well. 

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Boogie2988 has a good guide that's worth watching. This was made for the summer 2014 sale but it still applies to the current sale. 


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See who is trying to compete with Steam.  For example, COD:AW is seeing it's deepest discount at Steam for $44.99.  But Gamestop had the same game for $30.


Honestly the best part about Steam sales is that the big ones (Summer/Winter) stimulate other digital distributors to compete.


isthereanydeal.com  will help you find the best deals at the time, as well as check historical lows.

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