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Whole Room Water Cooling Part 2

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This is really cool. I'd love to have a space where I could do a project like that.


To people talking about the new office: There are giant white letters at the beginning of the video saying this was done in August. I wouldn't expect them to be in a new office until Spring, if not Summer or beyond depending on how long it takes them to find a space that works for them and how much work they have to do to that space before moving into it. Moving a company is not generally a super quick process unless you manage to get lucky and find a perfect space or one good enough that you can work around while doing renovations.

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Sponsored by: Home Depot  :P

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what are the fan's used on the rads?

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Even if the fans are Industrial PPC. It would still be better off if it was protected by the elements. Maybe a metal ventilated cover similar to those air conditioning units will do?

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Sweet jesus my eyeballs are ready for this!

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This is the coolest project I've seen in a while.


But I got some questions, mainly to do with the outside portion of the loop.


You're Canadian lol, we get the fun winters and the summers get hot enough to create changes, so for the outside part of the loop

how are you guys going to control the rapid freezing and heating during season changes. Also when you move to the new building how are you

going to handle the move for the loop? Will it be taken apart? Will it be moved to the new place?


This is one of those awesome new ideas where there is not much knowledge because it hasn't been done before, or at least not recent enough

or with as much documentation. Love to see the progress. :D 

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You could of gotten a large automotive radiator for much cheaper than all those 480s

Can Anybody Link A Virtual Machine while I go download some RAM?


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Linus came up with a bit of a crazy idea... 


Referring to yourself in 3rd person?


narcissistic much :P haha

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I wonder what kind of benchmarks they are going to perform. I still haven't heard anything about a diagram of the layout. If the loop is super simple and goes from computer A to computer B, and so on, I can't imagine temperatures on the last computer are going to be anywhere near acceptable with computers under load. I WANT TO SEE A LAYOUT DIAGRAM!

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+1 for the Automotive radiator and fans. It would be way cheaper (if not sponsored) and built for harsh environments.

Unfortunately I cannot link it since I am at work, but there is a video on youtube where someone has already attempted this. I cannot remember the reasoning but it did not work and if I recall, actually had worse results than a PC water cooling kit. It wasn't the most professional test but then again when you're attaching a car radiator to a computer, you're kind of "ghetto rigging" things regardless.

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@LinusTech, please fix the OP for night mode. Thanks!

"Hello, this is Tech Support. I don't like you." :-)

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this is really cool project.


the only thing is; in pt.1 linus talks alittle bit about lack of efficiency when systems are underload. this could be easily address by adding in a water bong cooler in to the loop. water cooler bongs do a way better job of getting rid of the heat. he could probable ditch the rads all together. the only down side to a water bong cooler is you have to add water/coolant to it periodically.

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A few possible reasons for not using a car radiator:

- It was intended to run at a higher temperature, so maybe it will be less effective at transferring heat than the computer radiators.

- It was intended to run with an aluminium (probably?) engine block, so you may get a bad reaction somewhere when you use it with copper/nickel waterblocks and copper pipes.

- It was intended to run with a mix of water (for heat capacity), glycol (for freezing point depression) and anti-corrosion additives. Without the anti-corrosion additives, the car radiator may corrode. With the additives, a bad reaction with the waterblocks _may_ occur (I really don't know).


Better to use the safer, but more expensive, computer radiators rather than gambling 5 computers worth of waterblocks and pipes on an untried component.



Hopefully they make a Q/A video like they did for the mineral oil pc.

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Why hasn't somewhere like Disney thought of this!? Or Google? Like those servers! You could water cool all of them and even heat a local housing estate with the water! The things you can do are endless (ok... there are a finite number but you get the basics right?)!

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I make things. I hope you like them.


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Why hasn't somewhere like Disney thought of this!? Or Google? Like those servers! You could water cool all of them and even heat a local housing estate with the water! The things you can do are endless (ok... there are a finite number but you get the basics right?)!

They do use the heat from super computers to do stuff.
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Anyone know when the next one comes out? looked every day since I watched this one. lol

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