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What PSU should I use in this build?

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I Would go with a 600w or a 750w if you plan to upgrade later


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What I do is round up to the nearest 50, and add 100W just to be safe. So for your build, I'd say at least 550W.

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IF interested, drop the 3770k for a 3570k if a gaming build
get a 680 for the extra cost

And bump up to an 600W would be my recommendation for overclocking overhead.
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500W would be enough for this system but if you plan on upgrading later without replacing your PSU I recommend you getting a 600W-700W PSU.





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Get a cx600 or 600w bronze for overclock headroom . In all reality a 550w would be fine as well.

500w is cutting it close depending on the reliability of the psu. Headroom is good for the psu.

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a quality 550 watt unit would handle it easily,but generally for 'future-proof purposes it's generally recommended to go with a 650 watt,especially now that 650 watts can handle upgrading to sli/crossfire configurations in most scenarios

I'd pin the power consumption at a guess at sub 350 watts under load @ stock settings.

and now to check my guess-timation


3770K - 77 watts

gtx 770 - 180 watts

HDD - 10 watts

SSD - 3 watts

sp120*3 - 7 watts

c70 case fans - 11 or less watts (idk actual current the fans run at,picked .3A as it's typically at or below that)

wifi card - 10 watts max (low profile pcie standard)

dvd drive - 10 watts

pump - 1 watt (doubt it uses more than the h100 pump,which uses 1.2 watts)

h100 fans - 8 watts assuming you use stock fans

~317 watts max power consumption

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