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Upgrade to R9 280X ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I currently have Sapphire HD 6950 Flex flashed to 6970. I got an offer for a new, unused Powercolor R9 280X TurboDuo 3GB for 150€ (185$). How much of a bottleneck would my c2q 9550 @3,4 Ghz be? I am also concerned about my PSU. The card supposedly requires 750W minimum. I have a Seasonic g550W 80+ gold. When i was looking around for power consumption test i noticed no system with a r9 280x went over 480W so it should be enough? Rest of the specs are 8Gb ddr2 ram, 840 evo ssd and 2 random hdds.

Second question is about the monitor setup. On the current card i have 3 monitors, on hdmi, and two dvi ports. The new card only has dvi, hdmi and two mini dp ports. I need an active dp to dvi converter wright? I don't use them for eyefinity only for bigger desktop space.
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Yeah i know i need a new system but i doubt it will happen in the next year.

get the new card (should run fine) the cpu might bottleneck it a lil but thats expected with that old cpu, you can always upgrade in the future

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a 6950 to a 7950, aka the 280, is not worth the upgrade.
Buy a used 290 or 290x. You can find them for sub $200. They are leaps and bounds better.

As mentioned above: your due for a whole PC overhaul, really. 
Again - buy used if you have to. 

As for the PSU; you should be fine. 290x pulls like 230watts at the wall. Recommended PSUs for video cards indicate total system power, not singular device.

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