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Boominator Buildlog [DIY audio]

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Thanks guys!



Actually, yes. Can you spot the resistor in series with the tweeters?

'Normal' tweeters are resistive and need a capacitor to create a first order RC highpass.

Our piezo tweeters are capacitive and they need a resistor to create a first order RC highpass.


You could use a coil on the woofer, but the midrange already has a very controlled rolloff.

Crossover frequency is around 3.5kHz.


There is also a highpass on the input of the amp at 40hz. It's to prevent the woofer from playing frequencies it can't properly reproduce anyway.


Now that you said it I can see the resistor, it was hard to spot though. What is the reason to put sealant onto the tweeters? Aren't they already in a closed enclosure?


Anways, it looks pretty nice.


What amplifier are you going to use for this? Tripath?


Edit: Nevermind about the amp. Found it in the OP :) 


-Amplifier: MaxAmp20. A lot smaller than it seems from the pictures. 2x15W high efficiency class-D with digital volume control.

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Yeah, they don't have to be so large (metal film 2W), we spend €3 total on crossover components :P

Tripath TA2020, the 41Hz AMP6 to be exact, was the recommended amplifier for a long time.

The new amplifier, based on a Maxim chip, offers a smaller footprint, better thermals, higher efficiency, digital volume control and slightly increased sound quality.

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Do a Video of it done...with some heave drops xD




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Man that looks great!
Every time I get back to this thread, I get more and more excited to rebuild my own and do it properly!

Everyone have a cool signature. I don't, so I thought I would write something.

- Cool right?

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