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will the X99 workstation help Cryengine?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i am looking at the Cryengine for making my next game and i have read about and watched all this stuff on how the hardware in the X99 platform will help with RAM throughput and multithreaded applications. As  Cryengine's physics and AI are multithreaded and probably other parts of it too; will getting a Workstation with that Hasweel-E / Hasweel-EP processor help in devlopment or will i see no speed increase when going to run even when it is before the time of optimizing it?

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That is definitely a good question and the best answer is that it depends. Before optimizing, it sounds like it would not really matter. However optimizing a program to use all 6 or 8 cores, or to maximize RAM throughput would make X99 perform better. The answer that is hard to answer however, is how much better. There are so many variables that include, instructions per sec, cpu scheduling, cache size, etc, that the best way of testing a program on multiple systems. 

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