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Wallpaper on second monitor not scaling...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My desktop looks like this... but I want the wallpaper to be fullscreen on my second display but the resolution is higher.



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Use the same wallpaper but at the resolution you want it to be at on your second monitor. It will fit to the first monitor and fill every pixel on the second one. Just use the search by size function in google images :)

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Get this program called DualWallpaper (Should be easy to find with google, but i uploaded it with puush. It let's you stretch the picture to the individual screens. Great program, been using it for quite a while ^^


Puush zip link: http://puu.sh/d3J2m.rar

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set it to "Fill" under wallpaper settings.
Or use something like actual multiple monitors, display fusion, or any other multi monn programs



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