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The Jolla Tablet

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Multitasking in Sailfish OS is so superior compared to other mobile operating systems. Unfortunately it really lacks native apps and Android apps don't always work perfectly. Also you can't use Google Play Store (well, it can be done, but it's not simple).

I haven't regret buying Jolla (phone) for a single day though. The OS is so beautiful and handy!

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I am put off by the OS, It just wont have the software and applications support.... which basically makes it a no buy for me

You can run Android apps to some degree but even so...

Tea, Metal, and poorly written code.

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I though the title said, "The Jolla Toliet," and I was thinking, "How is this related to tech?" :P I need more sleep.



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oh, how i would like to try SailfishOS... but not on a tablet, on a phone


its good it got funded, i hope i helps them to get it to more markets and potentially more mainstream

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Kindle Fire > All

lol wut

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Personally I would be excited to see a new competitive operating system be birthed out of this and based on Linux.  The fact that it's Finnish and crowd sourced makes the thought extra juicy to chew on, but the battery definitely needs some help.


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1.8GHz Quad-core on a 4300mAh battery?  Something doesn't seem...wait...what?   190 dollars?!?!?!  1/2 that of the data mining battery sucking big boys?





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New strech goals:

$ 1 500 000 - MicroSDHC support up to 128 GB

$ 1 750 000 - Split screen functionality in the OS

$ 2 500 000 - Version with 3G

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All tablets are pretty generic. The only one to me that's exciting is the Cintiq hybrid from Wacom that combines a 13" drawable surface with their tech and a Windows 8 machine which makes it a nifty portable workstation for artists. A lay on the couch and watch Netflix device doesn't give me nerd boners.

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For every one how has douts about Jolla and Sailfish and therefore some specs of the tablet.


Jolla are the people how made all the Nokia OS and it's devices. The last one they made was the Nokia N9. The phone that was killed before birth but was better then any thing else in the marked. And owning a Jolla phone from the beginning I can see. There made at a very high quality.


In the beginning people where complaining about the battery size. I can use it for 2 days with out questions if I only run sailfish apps. This month I was forced to install my first android app and it tanked the battery life. Now it's just one day. An other complained was the screen resolution. Yes a bit low but normal for the price. And the biggest complaint before launch was the memory size. "just 1GB". Well I never had any memory problems. Not even when running 9 apps at the same time. Including watching a movie (yes it keeps playing in the background so full multitasking).


The android apps can be side loaded but there are multiple appstores available in the jolla app store. Not the play store but there is a workaround to install it.


So yes I have trust in Jolla to deliver a very good tablet. The footprint of the OS is very little so no big memory or batteries needed. Yes more can be better specially when it comes batteries.


And therefore I ordered one in the first hour without thinking about it. I was just to late to be in the first 1000. But again I will be proud to say "I'm the first one".

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Added a bit more information to the OP.

Thank you kind sir :3

Very interesting thing going on here. If they execute everything right, we might just have something great in our hands.

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