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Zac w

Asus ROG Swift the only option?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys, I recently built my computer with the intention of upgrading my monitor in the future. I currently have a Benq 24 inch monitor 60hz refresh rate and I have no idea what the rest of the specs are it had a picture of starcraft gaming team on it when I bought it.


Now I absolutely love this monitor and have for a long time, but as my girlfriend needs a monitor I said I could give her mine when I upgrade.


I started looking for monitors around the start of the year and since then I have waited and waited and waited for the Asus ROG Swift price tag to drop from $999 Aus to anything but not once since it has been released has the price changed.


I have done allot of reading and I can't make a decision as to whether or not I should bite the bullet and buy it, I am unsure if there are new models coming out soon I should wait a bit longer for or if their is simply an alternative on the market.


What I am looking for:


Size: 27-29 Inch screen

Panel type: I have read lots about alternate types of panels and I can barely see or notice a difference on them. I have my 13 inch macbook pro which is supposedly IPS or similar technology and in my opinion it looks far far worse then my BenQ with my girlfriend agreeing with me so IPS is not something I particular care for unless they are set to release IPS Gsync screens next year.

Resolution: 2k only. I have a 1080p screen which isn't cutting it anymore, and I don't like 4k as the scaling of it is off and the GPU horse power needed is insane. I currently have 1x 780 ti and potentially looking at getting another one in a couple months.

Refresh: 60HZ + 60 being the minimum

Extra: Must have G-Sync


Now the Asus ROG Swift has every single thing that I want, need and love. And from the reviews the actual screen is of great quality and colour production is excellent. So unless I have a mainstream IPS right next to it, and I am looking at it straight on which I will be there will be very little difference that i will notice. And I am a gamer so TN panel is probably still the way to go


My question is:


1. Is there an alternative with similar specs ? I could lose the 144 refresh rate down to 60 as a compromise if I found a monitor that had everything else for a couple hundred dollars less?


2. Is it worth waiting for IPS, low GTG, high resolution high refresh rate, G-sync enabled monitors? People have speculated but it doesn't look like its something thats coming for the next couple of years.


3. Will the Rog Swift come down in price naturally?, or will they release an updated version at the same price or are competitors expected to release products to drive the price down?


4. Even if they release 2k Ips, low GTG, 120 HZ+ G-Sync enabled monitor it's price will be through the roof right? and thats not worth waiting for.


I apologise for this post being so long, but I am about to pull the trigger and buy this monitor and I know it's hard to buy at the right time, but for example I bought my 780 TI for $999 about 8 months ago and I can now find them for $480 because a better model was introduced at a lower price point which does not often happen. This almost makes me regret buying my 780 TI when I did and I don't want to buy this monitor to have an updated model in 2-3 months or what not. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions as $1000 is allot of money for me but I know I will regret it if I buy a model with less specs. 



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If you can find the Swift in stock I'd recommend purchasing it. I've seen quite a few people selling them for more than their worth on reddit and other sites, just for the simple fact that no one can find them in stock anywhere (this was a few weeks ago, so they might be back in stock now).


If you don't mind spending the same price on a monitor as you did your graphics card, then go for it man. It should treat you excellent, and I will forever be jealous. 

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The only 2.5k monitor with Gsync is the Swift. The price won't drop any time soon, it's a unique monitor.


A 2.5k IPS 120Hz Gysnc monitor would cost double the Swift given both IPS 120Hz & IPS Gsync are yet to exist, on their own they are niche products.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the responses was just confirming what I already thought. I think I will just go for it :)

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For 2560x1440 there's only the Swift and there will only be the swift for quite a while.


Here's a list of existing/to be released g-sync monitors: http://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/list-of-gsync-monitors/


As you can see the only option is The ROG Swift, the AOC g2460Pg or one of Acers XB monitors. Latter of which interest me personally (XB270HA) but it's said to have quite a high number of units with backlight bleed.

who cares...

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