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Well uhm.. the return i guess

Planning on playing all Wolfenstein games these coming years, earlier dips had me impressed with the a.i. behaviour
Currently good annoyed in "The return to castle Wolfenstein"
tbc : I saved at the start of the level and played it a another day.. i didn't die!!! 

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Screenshot 2019.05.15 -

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Screenshot 2019.05.15 -

Wolfenstein  The Old Blood Screenshot 2019.05.13 -

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Just clocked 100 hours in Terraria. So much things to do especially with mods that add more contents and improve quality of life. 


| Intel i7-3770@4.2Ghz | Asus Z77-V | Zotac 980 Ti Amp! Omega | DDR3 1800mhz 4GB x4 | 300GB Intel DC S3500 SSD | 512GB Plextor M5 Pro | 2x 1TB WD Blue HDD |
 | Enermax NAXN82+ 650W 80Plus Bronze | Fiio E07K | Grado SR80i | Cooler Master XB HAF EVO | Logitech G27 | Logitech G600 | CM Storm Quickfire TK | DualShock 4 |

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