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Arma 3 FPS?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I know that Arma 3 has poorly optimized games, but is it normal for a 40 player server to have 15 - 25 fps, while in single player I get 55-65 fps? 

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Completely normal

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lower your settings and possibly upgrade. While it is normal to get that kind of a drop, if it really bugs you, then an upgrade might be worth it.

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I get about 10 FPS during a 64 man match, but when it comes the single player I get about 60-70. I thinks its just there is to much stuff going on for your rig (and mine) to keep up with all of it.

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CPU power helps Arma 3 a lot. I see you have an 8350 so that seems normal FPS to me. I had an 8320 playing life mods and i was getting 15-35 FPS in 100 player servers. I however recently switch to a 4690k and now playing on the same server i get 30-60fps. I must say my experience with the game is much better.

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