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Is sentey a good PSU company? If not, which companies are the best?

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Never heard of them.

Good ones are:


Cooler Master



Be Quiet!


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Media Server/Perm Folder: i3 4130, CX500, 4 X WD Red 1TB, 60GB Adata SSD for boot, Node 304, ASrock Z87-E ITX, 8GB Kingston Value Ram

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Have never heard of it.

Good ones Cooler Master V series, EVGA G2 Supernova, Corsair, Seasonic, etc

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i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz (Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo); ASrock Z87 EXTREME4; 8GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3 RAM @ 2133MHz; Asus DirectCU GTX 560; Super Flower Golden King 550 Platinum PSU;1TB Seagate Barracuda;Corsair 200r case. 

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Sorry for the slight necro, but I have a 750W Sentey modular PSU and it works just great (except the plastic on the ends of the connectors is a bit flimsy).  I RMA'ed my original PSU (due to my own error, not Sentey's) and their customer service is absolutely top-notch.  I would say they are great budget PSUs.

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Sentey is bad.


Delta Electronics are better. Superflower is excellent though.

^ Delta is better and arguably the best. Superflower is similar to Seasonic. 

Would like some input from @quan289  

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