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Keyboards are okay, if you like the macro keys by the keyboard.

Personal Rig

i7 4790K | Asus Z97I-WiFi | CM 280L | Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X | Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 8GB | 128GB Samsung 840 Pro | 2TB Seagate SSHD | Seasonic Platinium 660W | Bitfenix Prodigy

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Keyboards are AWESOME!

I own a roccat ryos mk pro and i haven't found a con yet :)


I can recommend it! the software is also very useful for macros, different lighting effects, driver updates, etc.


Samung Tab S 8.4


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  • plastic (k70 is aluminium)
  • look (ew)
  • non-removeable wrist rest
  • more expensive (wat?)

For the price (in Amazon US at least) you could get the RGB K70 which has better quality and offers more than 1 color.

[spoiler=pc specs:]cpu: i5-4670k | mobo: z87-pro | cpu cooler: h100i | ram: 8gb vengeance pro | gpu: gtx770 ftw 4gb | case: nzxt switch 810 matte black | storage: 240gb ssd; 1tb hdd | psu: 750w corsair rm |
keyboards: max nighthawk x8 mx brown + blue led; corsair k60 mx red; ducky shine 3 tkl mx blue + orange led | mouse: deathadder black edition | audio: FiiO E10; sennheiser hd558; grado sr80i; sony mdr-nc200d; blue snowball |

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