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Audio issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys,i have one weird problem...I dont know if its a bug or something ... When i plug in my headset or speakers in front panel my sound is like im the hall and its very distorted even when i wiggle cables and check stuff in sound options or in Realtek HD Audio menager its still same ...
Also when i plug it behind my head set works perfect sound is amazing but when i plug in microphone i can hear myself talking only on one ear its kind annoying....
also sometimes sound is like im in the hall or underwater when the mic is plugged behind...I tried my headset on laptop and other computer and its works fine.
Reinstalled all the drivers problem is still the same ... did anyone had similar issues ?

my headset is zalman HPS2000 ..motherboard Asus m5a97 evo r.2.0,,,cpu amd fx8350 on stock cooler (couldnt afford better cooler at that time) sometimes it used to overheat and my pc would shut itself down like 5 times since i bough it... 8GBS kingston predator ram...and my gpu is asus r 9 280X... 
NOTE : all my parts are bough on credit in a pc shop i didnt have time to assemble it so they did it for me for free ...bought 4 months ago...
Pardon my english, I know its crap!

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It is most likely a problem with the front panel socket. Sounds like the ground isn't connected. Not much you can do other than try to RMA it but the back is always better anyway so you should be plugging it in there instead.

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Have you looked into all the settings of your Audio-Manager?

When I got my brand new Xonar soundcard I had the same problem until I figured out how I could go to other sub menus of the manager software.

I was able to get rid of  the echoing of the mic and the distortion.

I am hoping for you that youn can fix this that way. I never had both of my systems fully up and running since a year, all them RMAs. So I know that feeling.

Btw. The spare system I am using right now, because both of my PCs are dead uses an Arctic Freezer Rev. 2. I picked it up for a little of money. Probably want to get one, as soon as you can? An overheating CPU is not particulary good, and AMDs stuff is highly overclockable.

Edit: forget that cooler: you cannot install it over your RAMs. Sorry fot that.

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