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Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

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The 1100 V2 Computer Case is my favourite thing as it looks really cool. Plus it beats what i have now :( (Dell Studio XPS 8100 case)

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could really need this stuff (because of reasons)!

favourite Item:



I want to replace mine (old, not modular, want to add new gpu in (hopefully) not so far future) but i have not enough money :D




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The EDG750 PSU. Love the looks of it.

Same here! That PSU looks really nice.

Dream-phone: USB type-c (3.1), 1440p, 5-inch, removable battery, 32gb RAMdrive, sd card slot, stock Android, transparent atomic purple build, 9050 mah battery, waterproof AF, nuclear powered, ac wifi is fine.
                           OR a one-of-a-kind iphone that runs Android.


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Awesome guys! would love to get this for the new rig I'm planning. Already have few fans,graphics card and ram, cant wait for the other parts :P.


Pick me :P

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My favorite part of this giveaway is the

 1100 V2 Computer Case

as I don't have a pc (wrought this on a laptop) and it is one of the most essential parts of a computer.

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I love free stuff; computer stuff makes it a million times better tho!

Soo many games, not enough money to get any.

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Truly after only binge watching most of your videos my spectrum for computing knowledge has skyrocketed. I used to walk around thinking I had some kind of grasp on why and how computers worked, but oh boy did Slick teach me a thing or two! Nah Linus you taught me as well. I love all the parts, however what would be great would be to have a computer that isn't over ten years old. Mer..  My real opinion is about the fans! After watching your video about negative and positive pressure within cases this combo would be perfect for living in my old dusty room lol. Just Kidding about the dust, but no really that would be awesome... Thanks Guys for even looking at this for a moment you've taught me so much since I've subbed!

-Johnn C. IV

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