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Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

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Yay for Nick!

I guess my favourite would be the PSU, although the case is pretty sweet too :)

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mine would be the case, well more like that's what I need. either way, what an awesome giveaway!


Edit: wow there are a lot of one-post wonders in here...

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the fans ofcours, because who want loud fans? 


another awesome giveaway!

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My favorite one is Kuhler 1250  because i always wanted to have a water cooler to upgrade to unlocked processor as it gets so hot here in egypt.

My second favorite is  EDG750 PSU because i always dreamed about having a modular power supply to have a cleaner look inside my case.  

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Thanks either way if I win it or not.

For me my favorite item is the edg750 psu though the parts of the computers which I know the least about are the psu's I like psu's a lot if I could I would collect them all plus its orange and black and has a whitey fan and shit GIVE ME THAT PSU :(

Okay I will control myself.

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Just want to start off by saying this is an awesome giveaway and antic is amazing for doing it!. 

choose my favorite part?. hmm well that's hard to do, considering everything in this giveaway is just so great.

The pulse headset is an all around amazing headset, superb sound quality balanced with comfort.

The kuhler h20 is a great water cooler. and perfect size to boot! (for me that is)

The trueQuiet fans. well the product is in the name! who doesn't love quiet fans?

The antec eleven hundred v2 computer case, well ill be damned if that isn't the sexiest computer case i've ever seen.


And finally the cherry ontop. the Antec EDG750. it was hard to choose but this has to be my favorite part from this giveaway. Amazing powersupply, 80 plus gold, 750w, and fully modular, i mean who doesn't love fully modular psu's? also pulled off looks and quality perfectly! just love the looks of it, the size, this could power anything i throw at it.

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:D I go for the case, mine is a bit to small and i would love to upgrade some components. but the lightning kit would be a nice second  ;)

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