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Blade of Grass

What Drive Should I Get? A Guide to the Mechanical HD Market

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2 hours ago, seagate_surfer said:

It depends, of course, the more you pay the higher the quality you will get (not necessarily thou). For example, if you buy the BarraCuda Pro version you will see differences in the number of hours you can continue working because it can stay on 24/7 and an increase also in the 2 years to 5 years warranty... What model, in particular, caught up your attention? 

it's an older HDD that was in one of my parent's laptop they gave to me (salvaged the Hard Drive, Ram Sticks, and the CPU from it since it was broken) and I found a higher space Toshiba drive that i want to swap into another laptop (120 GB vs 320 GB) and i'm more afraid of the failure rate of both these older drives

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