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Brainwavz HM9 Hi-Fi

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Hmm, at that price I would recommend something more like the Bose AE2, they'll be more comfortable in the long run and isolate more sound



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I've heard the HM5, which are a really great. Fischer Audio, Jaycar among others have this OEM headphone made by Yoga. They do look a bit like the Yoga X-Stream with NC built in. Yoga does make some nice headphones, but haven't heard this model in particular.


I've head a quite big variety of Brainwavz's In-Ear models and most of them are actually quite reasonably priced for what you get. I really liked the S1. Either way, if it is possible for you to audition them first to see if they float your boat, that would be preferable. The same goes with Bose AE2 and other headphones you might find.

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