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Corsair 600t Silver Edition

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey everyone, so this is my new pc! it took me a bit to decide on color and components but i finally managed to get it to my liking:P i was not too impressed with haswell so i decided to go ivy bridge and ride out 1155 like a champ! the fans are corsair quiet editions, and the front is a bitfenix spectre pro 200mm. i'm also using corsair's gen 2 sleeved cables, which are fantastic! its a fairly quiet system and if i put on some music or put my headphones on i wont even notice its there. aside the cpu i also clocked the card up a bit and added my heaven 4.0 scores. this will be my rig for the next couple of years (aside maybe a second 680? =3) and i am very happy with it, hope everyone here likes it too. enjoy:) 

case:corsair 600t

cpu:i7 3770k OC@ 4.4 (for those interested the voltage is at 1.225)

cooler: corsair h100i

mobo: asus sabertooth z77

ram: corsair dominator platinum 1866C9 32gb

gpu:evga gtx 680 4gb

ssd: samsung 840 pro 256gb

hdd: western digital CB 2tb

psu:corsair 860i














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Love the components and the case is quite nice but I'm much rather have a white one :)

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Very Nice setup man. I'm with you on the components ! There is nothing wrong with a gtx 680 and an 1155/ 3770K that was state of the art not to long ago. Sure we all want some crazy setup, but reality restrains most of us. Have you checked out the full Acrylic side panel. Those look so good it almost made me buy a 600T because they look so good. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


@onevoicewild: yeah i have seen it and man oh man did i almost buy one. but then it ended up costing 125ish, plus 120 shipping, so i spent the money on a good ssd instead:P 


@kierden: yeah it can be an issue for some, for me pmw wasnt a concern so yay:P there are some other 200mm fans but bitfenix had my fav green tone so i went with them, most of the build is aesthetic for me, it just so happens they were high end components. and as much as i love the sabertooth, its totally useless for airflow and in fact it may increase my mobo temps by a couple degrees. but for that look, worth it:P 

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Very nice!

The first step to insanity is believing in your sanity.

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Real nice clean job there! :)

Dis track?  Jesus christ why'd we even fight a war?  - Ron Cadillac

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I live it very much my friend.


you have picked each component thoughtfully...


congratulations on the beast, well done...


thanks for sharing.

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Always loved the aesthetics of the 600T, I've built a few systems in it myself and was a very easy case to do so :)

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