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Corsair 450D - HDD rattling

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am researching if anyone have simmilar problems than me.
I am almost happy user of Corsair Obsidian 450D case. My main concern is rattling noise coming from the hard drive cage. I have 2TB WD Black installed in centre position of 3 bay cage installed in bottom of the case.
Most of time, my pc is quiet, as I use SSD primarly. But when i start game, BF4 for example i hear noise from hdd. That is quiet normal, I just get used to ssd dead silent performance.

The problem occurs when i run antivirus, which means, whole hdd is being scanned. Rattling noise starts to occur. I am 99% sure, it's coming from hdd cage, not from the hdd itself. Hdd naturaly create vibrations, which this super fancy toolless mechanism isn't able absorb / compensate.


I even attached the hdd with screws to the plastic tray.

Have someone experienced, and hopefully solved something simmillar ? You can buy new computer, new case, but you can't buy your precious data once the hdd dies. 
Btw, i am planning to buy another 2tb and set the drives in RAID1, but before this I would like to resolve this problem, as I don't consider it normal.

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but the drive tray things are kind of rubbery plastic. Shouldnt rattle

Try pressing on top of the cage, or move it around when you normally hear the sound. You can see if its a defective HDD or the cage is rattling

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Hi, @peterpepo


You have a point that the noise may be coming from the bay and not the HDD. Many times this could be the solution, but after you confirm that everything is firmly attached, maybe you should scan your drive with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. This is the WD's software. I leave you a download link below. It is a bit unusual that the drive sounds normal on a heavy load like BF4 and a bit strange while performing a anti virus scan. You are totally right that your data is what is really valuable here, so I recommend you to think about a backup solution. A RAID1 is not really a backup, because the drive is still in your case and is susceptible to the same threats as the original drive. Instead of using some RAID settings (moreover you will lose half of your storage space), I recommend you to get an external drive and do some regular backups.


http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=810&sid=3〈=en – Data Lifeguard Diagnostics


Hope this helps

WD Representative


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, thanks for all the answers.
@R2D2_WD - I will check it. I have feeling, that the drive cage itself is a problem. It come a little bit pre-bent, right out of the box (brand new pc case). Hdd seems seated in caddy firmly. Problem is, that the caddy itself isn't 100% snug in the cage. So when i try to move / press on the caddy, it moves inside the cage.

My question is therefore mainly concentrating on how to fix CAGE -> TRAY.


Anyway, i will run it through Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to see in what state the harddrive is atm.


@Jetster - i have not tried removing it, but it definitely is coming from that part of pc case. No any chance of coming from any of the coolers or so..

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I would make sure it is mounted properly and if it and still making noise i would invest in silent mounts for the drive

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