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ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! Omega and AMP! Extreme plus a GTX 980 AMP! Extreme Giveaway!

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Yeah yeah I know I'm still a newbie but if I were to actually get this, omg, words could not describe my reaction... (throws laptop out window)

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Awesome! The Tri Cooler on the 970 does look pretty nice, although it does look rather large.


P.S Thanks for Another Giveaway!






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I like that card so much , It looks aesthetically pleasing to me . Zotac done a great job on it . 

... Life is a game and the checkpoints are your birthday , you will face challenges where you may not get rewarded afterwords but those are the challenges that help you improve yourself . Always live for tomorrow because you may never know when your game will be over ... I'm totally not going insane in anyway , shape or form ... I just have broken English and an open mind ... 

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I'm super pumped about the low power requirements for all these cards, if NVIDIA keeps on this track, my kilowatt PSU could be my first PSU to make it to it's actual death before being replaced! Plus, those LEDs on the Extreme will look super good in my lit up CM Storm Scout II!



My Build 
i7-4790k @4.6GHz, 16GB GSkill Ares RAM, Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming G1, Strix 970, RM1000 PSU, 128GB Sandisk SSD, 1TB Barracuda, 3TB WD Green, CM Storm Scout II


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