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ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! Omega and AMP! Extreme plus a GTX 980 AMP! Extreme Giveaway!

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Dat is one sexy looking card right there! 

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The 900 series is pretty baller, I guess.

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The new 900 Series are a new step forward and the new improvements on top of that show that Nvidia is still showing care to their customers. The new Zotac looks amazing aesthetically as well as the new overclocking tool. It looks like the card will be an amazing addition to anyone's rig. 

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Hy there @MeltingPoint!


First! Triple slot cooler goodness.
I bet 1 post members are still gonna win this time. It happens to most giveaways so I'm not hoping for much
Yeeeeeeeeep.... As soon as the video was made available my notification tab exploded. Congrats to the random guy with 1 post who will be winning the card.


(Unfortunately) I have to agree with you in that regard...  It is just a bit sad when I see "One post-members" writing just one word. Maybe its because I am someone who really cares about writing stuff down in detail. But you should at least put some effort into the post you make, even if it is your first(and maybe last) time doing so (Not you; I have seen you profile :) Its meant for the ones I mentioned above). If it helps someone with his build, I think it is okay. But when somebody with an Intel Duo Core procesor or something similar wins, I would be really pissed of. Such a waste of graphicscard-power-good looking-thing... But anyways, there is always a chance of winning for everyone :) 
Before I forget to mention it: Zotac did a really great job with the AMP Extreme!! I really like the overall look of the card: Its rather plain looking which is not the case with my Sapphire Vapor-X R9-290X's (They have these blue accents and I wanted my build to be totally black, so... Nvidia card+good looking system= Happy Etienne :D )
I´m late, but maybe the random number will be mine (at least I hope so... EGOIST <_< ) It would be really nice. ;)
Anyways, good luck everyone!!!
Bye for now

Nothing special goin' on here.....



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This is awesome, yet I didn't know it until today. Social media does help. I love how the 900 series is so much more power efficient than Kepler.

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