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where my fellow ltt pals shop for clothes?

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Considering I work in a shop that sells clothes, I get all of mine from here. Unfortunately I am unable to post a link as it would be self advertisement. 






Shop is called The Chaos.  :ph34r: 

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Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Converse, Nike, Chanel, Lacoste, Coach, Kipling, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Armani.

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Ratchet bitches.

Bro, i feel you. I like to live life fancy. #brofist

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A plethora of shops, pretty much anywhere that has something I like and is decently priced, be it matalan, next, urban outfitters, primark, tk maxx, john lewis, debenhams, marks and spencer and also amazon and play.com. Oh, and I forgot forbidden planet, some of their tshirts are decent as well.

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I haven't bought any clothes in years. When the GF doesn't like what I am wearing, she updates my wardrobe, repeat until she is no longer embarrassed to be seen with me in public. Profit.

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Let's see how many of you know without cheating.

Half my wardrobe here.



Got stuff from Perry Ellis, Esprit, Nautica... A few others but these are off the top of my head.


Brooks Brothers!


Most of my clothes are from Ralph Lauren's various clothing labels. Ralph Lauren denim and supply and Polo Ralph Lauren are usually my go to's. 


For shoes, I tend to go Sperry's, Converse and I've got a pair of Gucci canvas sneakers I wear quite often. 

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Local thrift stores, second-hand markets, internet auction sites, wherever things are cheap and actually would last for a while...


Oh, and Varusteleka (one of the biggest, if not the biggest military surplus retailer in Finland).  I've already managed to drop a good amount of money in there for clothes, equipment and random impulse buys (like a gas mask, a field bed, emergency food rations and a whole lot more).


I don't really buy any clothes as new, as they have a tendency of being expensive as ****, or cheap, but don't last longer than a few months, requiring to buy more, and thus forcing to make a choice between quality or quantity. In the end, you end up paying as much, no matter if getting lots of cheap stuff or less, higher quality, but more expensive stuff. Surprisingly second-hand clothes that I've worn do last a good while, especially military surplus clothes. Like my socks: normally they last maybe a few weeks before they start to get holes in them. These socks on the other hand, I've had 2 pairs for almost a year now, used them a lot and not a single hole yet. They still look as good as new.

Never trust my advice. Only take any and all advice from me with a grain of salt. Just a heads up.

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No. I go to UCONN. Everyone wears Brooke's brothers and vineyard vines.

Ahhh. I love their clothes, sweaters especially. So comfortable.


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If it isn't buying shirts online, I basically get everything at Tip Top Tailors.

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the store names:



Antony morato


Ralph lauren


I'm aware of the fact that those are brand names, but that's what the stores are called aswell

Oh and Zalando for my shoes (online clothing store)

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Amazon for clothes, nike for footwear

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If it isn't buying shirts online, I basically get everything at Tip Top Tailors.

Online too, because I am too tall for my country. Brooks Brothers or any other shop that has the right sleeve or inseam length.
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