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mid tower for watercooling?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello smart people,

just a quick question;

is there any mid tower case you can mount two dual 120 radiators in without really modding it?


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could take a look at some of the corsair cases from what ive read this is a pretty good case for watercooling but not very wallet friendly haha but seriously take a look around the corsair products as there high quality and pretty good hope i helped


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Depending on motherboard compatibility, fractal define r4. Slim 240 in the top, 240 native, (280 with slight modification) in the front.

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The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

240 in the top, 240 in the front and no modding required. You might want to look at the black version instead though, to avoid the fridge aesthetic.

Don't take this as a suggestion, but I also suddenly wonder how a Gigas (Xigmatek) might work...Maybe there wouldn't be enough clearance on the back.

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fractal design arc midi in stcok can hold a 60mm 240 in push/pull in the roof with no

side-effects a 240 monsta (80mm) push/pull in the front or narrower combinations.

drop the opti bays and a 360 can be modded to the roof as well..


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