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CD Projekt promises no visual downgrade for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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I knew I could count on them! :)

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I'm just hoping they add Mantle support.


Or at least have it run as good as Witcher 2, i can max that out just fine.

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Good to hear. I would have been surprised if the PC version actually got a visual downgrade. They went DRM free with the PC version so I don't see why they would turn around and stab PC users in the back with a downgrade.

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Witcher 2 looked beautiful and never worried they would go that way. Building a rig to enjoy Witcher 3.

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probably because they are an indie group who already released Witcher 2 first on PC, then consoles.


Lol, CDProjekt is not an indie dev team. It was released for PC first because the intention was for it to be a PC game from the ground up. Things are different this time because consoles are in mind from the start. I still haven't pre-ordered as I am wary of their business practices with Microsoft for the X-bone version. 


Not that I have anything against CDProjekt, I live in Poland, but I just find it funny how people praise them for the anti-DRM thing, but seem to forget that the whole reason they don't use DRM was because it was badly implemented in the Witcher 2. It had DRM in the beginning and it was causing huge performance issues, after they removed it performance was boosted, and people praised them. From there they sort of rode the anti-DRM thing to their fame and that's what they are most known for, but it's still a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Few people remember CDProjekt before that. 

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They'll never follow ubisoft and their evilness



Oh my the circlejerk


i preordered, because i got a good deal on it and got some cool stuff and beta for that crappy IOS game CD had another company make

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Preordered for $48 on GOG due to having first two games on Steam.





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Good, I'm really excited for this game.

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