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'Teaming' with 100mbps

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I'm planning to build a NAS later on in the year, but the problem is that the Nic on my PC can only support up to 100mbps. If I were to install a second NIC (TP-Link) on, would I get 200mbps?


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Gigabit NIC's are cheap and in abundance. Buy one of those, install it, and disable the onboard 10/100 if you have no use for it.

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Yeah, for this sort of scenario 1x 1Gbps is better than 2x 100Mbps and it's as cheap as chips. Plus you don't need to have a switch that supports Link Aggregation to get those benefits. Something that'll not only cost more than just going Gigabit but it'll also deliver Gigabit anyway. The only reason you might want 2x 100Mbps NICs over 1x 1Gbps would be if you needed to connect to two different networks/devices via LAN. Like if you wanted to turn it into a router, if you only had one network socket spare or if you wanted to have a dedicated link between the NAS and another device.


.......... but even then, I'd still get a 1Gbps NIC. Even in the scenarios above where 2x 100Mbps has it's merits 1x 1Gbps + 1x 100Mbps would be even better than that. So just get a Gigabit NIC.

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