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Google Indonesia hacked by "1337" of hacker group Team Madleets

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And i like how the OP added in bold and big at the top that it was to raise awareness after 75% of post saying that this was know, he'll it's even on the windows insider ToS that they will track as much data as possible

this is one of the greatest thing that has happened to me recently, and it happened on this forum, those involved have my eternal gratitude http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/198850-update-alex-got-his-moto-g2-lets-get-a-moto-g-for-alexgoeshigh-unofficial/ :')

i use to have the second best link in the world here, but it died ;_; its a 404 now but it will always be here


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Still goes to hacked site for me



Your computers DNS cache is putting you back on that page

go to command prompt and type in :  ipconfig /flushdns

Now if you go back to the website it should put you on the legit version :)




As said above it was just a DNS redirect, Google its self was not hacked.



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Holy shit. These are seriously real 1337 H4X0RS. I never imagined that hackers would actually call themselves "1337" due to how childish and stupid it is but my god they've done it.

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Even you dude set you font color to automatic.

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Why is the amount of horse waste increasing in the news section?

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Ogod..that looks like a 13 year olds Myspace. As someone who sees the world in hexcode and relationships between colour, this offends me, greatly.


Who even seriously uses "1337" anymore?

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as i expected they did really hack google

they just spoofed the DNS

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it's embraasing for me cause i'm live in indonesia and born in indonesia

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For those who don't understand spoofing, here's a better example of why its bad.


Some hackers spoofs your bank but instead of adding extra BS images to deface it they add a username/password fake box for you to type that info in on.


Game over.


These hackers are actually making you aware of the false sense of security, they not trying to steal or do bad things to you but to slap you in the face to wake you up from being duped into the matrix. From the posts it looks like their efforts fell on deaf ears and minds, at least on this forum. :unsure:

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This is NOT the signature you are looking for.

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