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Turned Off Display: Windows Rearranging

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Guys,


I need some help now that I have multiple displays.  I'm currently using 2x U2414h (HDMI to HDMI and DP to miniDP) and an Asus VS248H-P(DVI to DVI).  The HDMI cable is some spare cable we have around the house, I'm using the cable that was in the box with the u2414h(DP to miniDP) and VS248H-P(DVI to DVI).

I set up my Skype on my left monitor (u2414h using HDMI) and i use my main u2414h.  When i close my left monitor, i hear a sound how a USB disconnects and the Skype window gets shifted to my main monitor.  When i have it on my right monitor (Asus), the window stays there.  Is there a settings i can change so that whatever window i have on my left monitor does not shift to my main when i turn off the left u2414h?  I never had this issue before when i was using my Asus monitor and my old LG tv/monitor screen.

I'm using a Windows 8.1 OS and an Asus GTX 780.


Let me know if you have some questions regarding my setup.




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