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Android Wear App Ideas

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just go the Moto 360 and I love it. But, every now and then it just leaves me disappointed. The only complaint I have with the hardware is the battery life which does not bother me too much because I can't wear it to work anyway. My major complaint however is the software. I feel as though there is so many missed opportunities, Like I want to say "play [insert song or artist here]" and for it to play music but it only opens a page on the play store. Also I would be the happiest nerd in the world if tasker would update to support Android Wear.

But, anyway my point is that I want to make an app that is useful, but I can't decide what to make. Was wondering if anyone else had a cool idea? I have a few ideas but my problem is that it would take me forever to complete all of them.

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Make a Pokedex app.

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Yeah, a Pokedex app

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