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Mech and backlight keyboards

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Ok i am looking for a good Keyboard with Cerry mx blues but also has backlight options. i know it is impossible to get one with multi color backlights but i want different options, what do you guys think i should go with? (max price $250) oh and thoughts on the CM Quickfire Stealth, http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=10035&product_name=CM%20Storm%20QuickFire%20Stealth


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Well, Ducky has one called the 78 Version, it comes with 7 different LEDs and 8 different switch types, it's a limited run so it's kind of hard to find one now. I'm fortunate enough to have gotten one, #210/399, yes, only 399 were made. Just took a look at your link, seems you are keen on a TKL KB, in that case, the Quick Fire Stealth and TK are good options, as well as Ducky, they have TKL DS II models as well.

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