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How do i connect subwoofer to M Audio BX5 D2?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I currently own  M Audio BX5 D2 and it is connected to Schiit Modi DAC to my pc,what i want to know is how do i connect a subwoofer to this setup because Schiit Modi has only rca on back,do i need to get seperate amp?

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Since the BX5 don't have any output to chain in a Sub you can't go that route. Some, probably most, subwoofers have an output and a knob to adjust at which frequency to cut off. So you would go from your Modi -> Sub -> BX5. So if your sub has that, connect it in that order.


If your sub does not have any outputs, you would need to buy a splitter, which would mean you would run the same signal in parallel to both your speakers and sub.


With splitter, I mean something like this:


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