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Eclipse with android plug in and Android Studios are both good IDEs for Android developing.

IOS you need xcode and a Mac desktop or laptop to develop on. I personally don't develop for IOS because I refuse to buy an over price Mac.

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I really like NetBeans as an IDE, you can check that out aswell. It can also be used for android apps ;) You could also give Android Studio a try!

// TODO: Update signature to include PC buid.

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You could also develop for Firefox OS if you already know how to make websites and web applications.

To quote the Mozilla Developer pages :


For Web developers, the most important part to understand is that the entire user interface is a web app capable of displaying and launching other Web apps. Any modifications you make to the user interface and any applications you create to run on Firefox OS are web apps created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, albeit with enhanced access to the mobile device's hardware and services.


That is pretty cool. There is a Firefox OS simulator available as a browser extension to test your apps in, or you could buy one of the cheap Firefox OS phones.

Here is a more complete introduction to Firefox OS.

And here are all the things located you would need as a developer.


Because all you need to develop apps are the standard web languages, you can just use a text editor to make them.


Seriously, there need to be more initiatives to develop for Firefox OS.


Have fun!


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