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James Woods

How can I make my Plex server's local IP static?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, I have a freeNAS machine running Plex. I was able to forward the 32400 port for the Plex Server its running on my Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 modem/router combo (I know, I know, combo modem/router, gross right?). I was initially having problems because I was forwarding from the freeNAS machine's local IP address instead of the plex server's local IP which are apparently different.


While that's great that it's working, I'll have to re-forward the port each time the local IP changes if it's not set to be static. I've been able to set every device in the house to a static local IP in my router, but I can't figure out how to do that for the Plex server since its not a physical device with a MAC address but rather a virtual entity created by freeNAS & Plex. The Plex Server's local IP is at the moment and it doesn't show up in my router interface. I've included a pic below. Any thoughts?



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You can set a static IP in freenas see video below:


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Groovy, I'll try that out and report back. Thanks.


Edit: OK, I followed this video as best I could and copied all the inputs in the video verbatim with the exception of inputing an IP of instead. That gave me a readout on the freeNAS machine of:


"Enter an option from 1-11: Sep 18 15:21:21 freenas kernel: arp: 44:8a:5b:9b:ed:90 is using my IP address on epair0b!

Sep 18 15:21:21 freenas kernel: arp: 02:86:00:00:0a:0b attempts to modify permanent entry for on re0"


I can't tell whether freeNas is saying it was successful or not. The MAC address it states matches that of the freeNAS machine. The webUI for freeNAS changed to the local IP I put in. The freeNAS machine's MAC address still shows the old in my router though. These seem to contradict each other. Also, reaccessing the freeNAS webUI from another machine tells me the Plexmediaserver service status as "off". Attempting to turn it back on gives me a message of "Some error occurred."


Did I just set the freeNAS machine and the Plex server to have the same local IP? Is that even possible? Why doesn't the IP for the freeNAS machine show as in the router if the local IP address used to access the freeNAS webUI has changed?

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I would suggest setting the static IP address on the modem instead. So (if you can) I'd say undo what you did following that video (but if you can't, or rather wouldn't, I can try to solve the server issue).


All you need is the MAC address of the computer, and then in the menu that you posted (the reserve new IP address section), you need to enter the MAC address, IP address you want for it, and the hostname (I'm doubtful this needs to be the real hostname of the device, so put whatever in here, like "Home Server"), and everything should be all hunky-dory.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I believe I've undone the last steps I took. But I think there's an issue with your advice: you say to take the MAC address of "the computer". That I have. But that's for the freeNAS machine and that's not really my issue. It's had a static IP all along. Instead, I need a static IP for the plexserver which is not the same IP (or MAC address) as the freeNAS machine itself (even though the plex server is running from the freeNAS machine).


But, I was digging around in the webUI for FreeNAS and I did see under the details of the plex jail adjustable fields for IP address and MAC address. I then went into the router and tried to reserve this IP and MAC address but the router told me: "Error converting one or more entries: Only 16 entries allowed for reserving IP address for a specific MAC address. Maximum limit has been reached. Try Again."


Is this a limitation on the number of times an individual MAC address can be assigned? If so, can I assign another random MAC address? Or is it that my router can only reserve a limited number of IP addresses?

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