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Corsair 650D vs NZXT Phantom 630

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Posted · Original PosterOP

First off I know it is really hard to compare these two cases, not only because the 630 hasn't been released but also because they are completely different classes of cases. I have been looking at the 650D for a while now and while I think it is a pretty solid case I do feel it may be starting to show its age a little bit. The 630 on the other hand will hopefully be a more modern case. my main concern with the 630 is its size, it may be a bit big but is it really required? I am thinking about going into water-cooling in the future and I haven't heard or seen too much about the 650D's Potential. I was mainly looking for peoples opinion on the cases and I realize I may get some stick for asking about an unreleased case but I kinda want to get the ball rolling.

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Personally I'm leaning quite heavily towards the NZXT 630.

About the size, it is actually very efficient with its space. A tad smaller than the 820, but still offers XL-ATX mobo support.

It looks amazing(personal preference, really)

VERY modular and customizable(2 SSD mounts behind the mobo tray,some of us won't even need any HD cages at all)

great potential for water cooling (easily hold about 5 x 140mm rads, maybe a few 200mms with a little modding)

Very neatly holds whatever mobo due to its recessed mobo tray design.

Built-in fan controller, SD card reader, and I/O LED

Anandtech's review even showed that at stock, this case defeats the 820 in cooling. Some other sites already posted unboxing vids on youtube, but I'm still waiting for Linus', he's the best.

Just my 2c. Good luck and do let us know which case you pick!

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