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Laptop came with 2 partitions on drive, how to merge them?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



So I bought a laptop last november and noticed this problem pretty much immedietely but didnt care until now as Im going to uni so it might start to be annoying. 


Basically, in My Computer, the only hard drive in the computer (1TB) is displayed as 2. One called 'OS' that is 372GB big, and one called 'New Volume' which is 537GB big. 


In disk management, the hard drive is displayed as such: (prt = partition, just incase it wasnt obvious)


300MB Healthy EFI prt -- 900MB Healthy recovery prt -- OS c: 372.26 GB NTFS Healthy (Boot, page file, crash dump, primary prt) --350MB Healthy recovery prt -- New Volume 537.6 GB NTFS Healthy primary prt --20.01GB Healthy recovery prt


I would like to merge the partitions so that in My Computer there is just one hard drive shown with the capacity of 1TB (or whatever that is formatted to). 


The laptop is Windows 8.1, its an Asus Vivobook if that matters. 


Many thanks 

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Well you could always delete the partition you want then extend your C:\ partition with the unallocated sector.




Right Click on the New Volume

 Delete Volume (all contents will be lost)

Right Click on C:

 Extend Volume


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Make sure you back up all data first. Then go into my computer and on the side tab, go over my computer and right click and click "manage" then navigate your way to storage and you can see the partitioning of the drive. delete all but one partition, and on the existing one, right click on extend and boom, you just merged your partitions. 

How many computer programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

None, that's a hardware problem.  :D

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Do i delete all the recovery partitions too? Theres more than one so I dont know which ones to keep

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