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What's your job?

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Best job for a young teenager is waiting tables in a restaurant, well in the UK anyway. Get decent pay and most places let you keep tips, and those that don't, you can just pocket them anyway. Best thing about it is that when your studying at Uni or between the lul of finishing Uni and finding the right job, you can get a job in any bar or club or restaurant or pub as you have the experience that they need. It's also nice meeting and talking to members of the public that you would never otherwise talk to or meet.

I've been working in a  4 star hotel since I was 16 (now 19) and it is great. Did around 12 hours a week during school time, then 30 hours a week over summer. Then I turned 18 and started doing bar finish shifts, those weeks turned into 45+ hour weeks. Now I'm at Uni full time  I go back and work over summer and Christmas. Christmas is a great time for double time. I would never trade it for a job in retail either! 

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I see some people on here with amazing rigs and I've always wondered how they can afford to drop 4 grand on parts unless you're making some serious dough. I make a little over minimum wage and I can only dream of some of the things you guys can afford. But to answer the main question of this thread, I work retail, I'm planning on majoring in accounting.

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