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1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

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WOW, Congratulations on reaching 1M  Subs, very happy for you and your team, I always liked the vids that you don't say the camera mans name and everyone gets hyped about the name of the camera man :D,

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I just joined here bc i just found out about it but I've been watching linus for a few months now. I think I'm going to enjoy my stay. Thanks Linus for making the best videos :)

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My favorite style of videos is your build's and when you guys tour Linus media group 


Some videos that I would like to see are an "I Switched" episode of Linus switching to a Macbook aAir instead of his XPS 12, and a video about all of the behind the scene work that goes on to make one video like from start to finish showing us every step from the moment you receive the package


This is my story about how I found LinusTechTips


Because of you I am about to go look at CalTech for a computer engineering program. Almost 2 years ago I found your channel and I was hooked, christmas brake had just started and I spent most of it watching you. At the time I was not that interested in to technology, I knew the basics and the most advanced thing I did at the time was run the microphone system at the middle school. I am in 10th grade now and in a advanced computer skills class as well as in charge of technolgey for my ASB class. I have learned so much from you my principal came up to me today and asked me to build a app and I was allowed to chose my team!! Before I started watching your channel I thought I knew what I wanted to do in life, you could have asked me any thing about what I was going to do and I would have known the answer. I new what college I wanted to go to what degree and even which teachers I wanted there. But looking back I would not have been happy there I would have been spending over 8 million dollars on my education. But not even 6 months after finding you channel I started to think differently, and 1 year after I knew that technology was the path for me. Because of you and your team you turned my life around, my mom always tells me that she is happy that I started to take interest in technology she feared that if i didn't get some change in my life soon that my life would have been on the wrong path, doing drugs and becoming a no life. Just hearing your view of life has helped me try to make unbiased decisions in all aspects of life and just make me a better person. I have started to build my first computer...It is a forever project because I like to change things. And i have helped all of my friends build there computers. So I just want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for making me in to the person that I am today you have truly been a roll model to me.

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The first time I saw LTT, hmmmmmm...I was looking for a review that I don't remember which one right now, but man, that was a long time ago. You could review your baby! Does it bottleneck? Make too much noise? How much does it cost? How long is the warranty? Ok, I'll stop now, just kidding, don't invalidate my entry ok..? please? Anyway, great job with the youtube channel, I learned a LOT from you, keep up the great work, you and your team! And Edzel, keep doing things like the linus devil laugh, that was cool and thanks for answering the comment too on youtube! Btw, My favorite food is stroganoff I guess...and lasagna!

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@looney Unofficial LTT TS3 is awesome!

- teamspeak.ltt-unofficial.com

- teamspeak.ltt-unofficial.net

- teamschnitzel.ltt-unofficial.com

- teamschnitzel.ltt-unofficial.net

cpu: Intel sandybridge-E 3930k @ 4.2Ghz

cooler: corsair h100 @ full speed push-pull

motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

gpu: 2x EVGA GTX660's & 1x EVGA GTX980

ssd: 2x samsung 256GB 840 pro raid 0

ssd: 1x samsung 1TB 840 evo

hdd: WD green 3TB

hdd: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (st1000dm003)

hdd: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (st31000520as)

psu: corsair ax1200i

ram: 8x 4GB corsair platinum @1866mhz

case: coolermaster cosmos II

age: Do the math (summer 2012)

monitors Main: 8x LG 22EA53 1080p 60hz

monitor Extra: 1xiiyama prolite G2773Hs 1080p 120hz 27"

os: windows 7 pro (64-bit)

keyboard: logitech g19

mouse: corsair m60


Lenovo T550


RaspBerry pi webserver:

Status: Offline.





PC straight to the modem/router/switch/DHCP-Server/... with a 20cm (+-8inch) cat6a patch cable because same price as cat5.

ISP: Telenet (belgium)

Speed: 60Down-4Up (+- 45€/month)

ping to there servers: +-8ms

ping to other Belgians: +-12ms



- wheels for cosmos II


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I found LTT by searching up case fans. I've stuck ever since, and its been cool to see a small channel evolve but keep the same community feeling that has been here.

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Though I don't post much I've always gone to your videos for help, Broke my overclocking cherry with you guys, learned a great amount of how to optimize and pick out the best parts for my computer.

Which I happen to be needing a new one as my current one is on it's last legs unfortunately.

Keep up the good work guys!

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I found LinusTechTips on youtube about three months ago when I was starting to look into building a new PC. I had never done a watercooled system before and was looking for some guidance on what I would need. Long story short I came across the build guide Linus did for the Ultimate "Overkill" Water Cooled Gaming PC and later the video series for his personal rig upgrade. I've been watching all his videos ever since, thanks for all of the great content Linus!

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I'm newer to your videos, but they really helped me decide recently on the G710+ and Proteus Core.


You're a great resource and hopefully you;ll be helping the community make tech decisions for years to come!

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BRUH! You know how swag this is.... I would love to win anything, the built pc, laptop, or surface, you know how awesome this is, I can actually get into the gaming life, damn, Linus has been a great part of my life, I've been watching all his vids ever since 6th grade, he is why I got into pc gmaing, bro I have got to win that pc!

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Love your channel Linus!

Found this site about 1 year ago, with great stuff like reviews which didn't sound dead. So I subscribed to the lively Canadian, and never had a bad experience with ya. 

My personal taste of video is in those rants. Its always entertaining to watch Linus get pissed off at a product :angry: (stormtrooper headphones)

However, any of those Tech-Quickies are also really helpful. 


One product I want a review on is the Asus Gx500. When it comes out at least. 


Keep up the awesome work man. And to the great ways you've come. Cheers!  :)


4690k - - 970 strix -- 850 ssd -- 8gb corsair vengance -- NZXT S340



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LTT has always been the first place for me to look for reviews & tech news for about a year now and i think that the videos have a great personality about them that makes the videos not only informational, but fine and quirky and in my humble opinion has always made them stick out from the rest of the other channels and news sites. Over the past year I have personally have learned more about the tech industry and technology in general than i could have ever guessed when I found Linus Tech Tips and decided to subscribe thinking that it would be a pretty cool channel to come home every night and watch (the one video every day bought me over too) and that kind of was my leap into hardware in general. The custom PC sounds like the coolest prize in my opinion, jeez even a signed case would make me scream like a school girl. I hope everyone gets on the hype train for another million subs! B) 


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The first video i watched was your "Personal Project" on PFSense. I was surfing the interweb for different setup and i ended up on your Sir, Linus the magnificent :). I was originaly impressed by the quantity of hardware you had, but quickly realised that your channel was way more deeper  than my initial thoughts. And the rest is history ....

Now, i see linustechtips as a huge,growing,and helping community(i'm more on youtube than the forums, but i've only heard good thinks about it) for a topic that is becoming more and more acessible for a quite big range of audience.There's only a thing that i hope to see more on linustechtips is networking stuff(home servers tutorial, how to design and cofigure a network, etc).


Now, for the giveaway, i sinceraly don't need any of the electronics your giving away, since im already well equiped at home.But if i win, i'm planning to give it to my brother, who's past couple of weeks have been hard for him ...

Anyway, thanks alot for what your doing(linusmediagroup in general) and i hope to see more great stuff from you guys in the next couple of years !!!






i really sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes, im form mighty quebec, and my english is on the rough side ;)

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Thankyou for all the amazing content. I appreciate every minute LinusMediaGroup puts into their content and wish you guys the best. 

My favorite videos on the channel are the build guides and any internal part review as it helps me make a better computer.

Best of luck,



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