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1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

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Pancakes is all i need..........(-_-)mmm

But for real congratz with 1million sub.

Thank you for thease realy helpfull videos

And kep up the good work


Good luck in giveaway guys

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I first found your YouTube channel as a recommendation by a friend when I was first getting into PC hardware and gaming a few years ago back when LTT was at just over 200,000 subscribers, and I've watched you consistently ever since. My favourite videos from you guys have to be case reviews, I'm not sure if it's nostalgia, but one of the first videos I remember watching from you guys was an unboxing and review of the original NZXT Phantom. Ever since then, those are the videos I've looked forward to the most. :) 


Thank you so much for for producing all of the interesting, hilarious and downright silly content over the years, I look forward to watching for many more to come. :) 

CPU: 5930K @ 4.5GHz | GPU: Zotac GTX 980Ti AMP! Extreme edition @ 1503MHz/7400MHz | RAM: 16GB Corsair Dom Plat @ 2667MHz CAS 13 | Motherboard: Asus X99 Sabertooth | Boot Drive: 400GB Intel 750 Series NVMe SSD | PSU: Corsair HX1000i | Monitor: Dell U2713HM 1440p monitor

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@Ghost was here

CPU: i5 4430 PSU: XFX 550w Ram: 8gb Patriot Viper 1600mhz

Motherboard: MSI H87M-G43 Case: Fractal Design Define R4

SSD: 840 Evo 250gb, 512gb MX100 GPU: MSI GTX 980TI Gaming Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo

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Hello Linus and Crew,

First I want to congratulate you all on a mile stone that many as well as I would like reach, regardless of content and that even goes for the Bumm and talking about it, well that is if one so chooses to do so, I would not have a clue why but hey if that is what floats ones boat, by all means float on.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, I would love to WIN that helmet and Sword you're playing around with, besides the congrats, I'm happy for you and the entire crew for you're growth and success and my wish is for many more fruitful years to come. Okay back to the Helmet and Sword, how can I win it or get my grubby paws on a set like that.

As for the you tube channel that you have now, I was wondering if you were still with NCIX, I watched many of you're videos when you were still with them and this goes back some years, I faded away from the tech community several years ago for reasons of which are mainly personal, but as I am Cramming to catch up on the latest in tech, like someone cramming for a final exam. And just recently in the past few months, I was looking to get a new case for my personal Rig, but it came to a point that I really needed it and quick, so I looked up your many PC case review videos and I must say it was you're review of those cases that help me make a choice, I would have liked to see you're review of the Silverstone Tek Rv02B-EW
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008J0ZOCC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and the reason for doing so is chronicled here http://steamcommunity.com/app/235600/discussions/0/846962626974994432/#c45350790795231121 if and when you have time or would like to see why.

And considering my current Rig is just bit dated with the specs in my profile and having received the GPU as it is chronicled in the link above, I really needed a case ASAP. Maybe in the near future you will do a review on that case, would really like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you and for all the informative reviews yall have given us all.

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  • I found Linus Tech Tips after wanting to learn more about Electronics and more specifically computers. Prior I had gotten a garbage deal on a $600 PC that showed up 2 weeks late and was missing a graphics card. After returning it I received a free Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card from one of my father's co-workers and after ordering parts, I built my own PC. (Fun Fact: My grandfather had a similar story, he got tired of calling TV repair so he learned to fix it himself.)

Hard to have a favorite style, recently that 20 minute vlog was my favorite.

More GAMDIAS products, I <3 them.

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Dang, seems like forever since I found your channel. I bought my nzxt phantom 410 based on your video review of it. I make sure to watch every video and never miss a WAN show, even if it's almost a week later sometimes :P  Thanks for all the info over the years, All my friends think I'm a tech god.

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Congratulations guys, you really deserve every single subscriber! I just love every aspect of the video's the professionalism and sometimes the family kind of feeling... Hope linustechtips will be here for ever! Good luck to everyone ;) 

(And hello to the Twitch viewers when this comment would be visible :P )

~~ Sorry for bad English. I'm from Belgium. Thanks! Have a nice day!  ~~

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First found this site trying to build a pc, it was really helpful in regards to superclocking. I just want to show that its okay for females to use the Internet in a powerful way. It's a man's world, and I want to put a dent in it.

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So according to my numbers over 1/5 Subs have entered the giveaway. 

Great job Linus on getting 1 Million subs.

You make really good videos.

Been with you for a while.

At least since you did live streams on youtube. 

Its been great watching you grow and change. 

Edited by Missioncode
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First tech channel I discovered on YouTube was Tek Syndicate. From them I found about Linus and thanks to the WAN Show I discovered so many YouTubers like MKBHD etc. and the friendliest forum on the internet linustechtips.com :)

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Congratulations Linus from the bottom of my heart, I didn't really stumble into this channel as much as it just hit me in the face and fell in love with your videos and crew.  I have always loved technology and I have been looking for a channel like this and I was browsing technology videos and I decided to watch your channel, and your right Linus your channel does feel like I'm talking to you and not some guy who is only reading off a script.

No matter how many subscribers, 1 million, 2 million or even 10 million!  I hope you still keep pumping out quality videos.

This is thanks from your viewer Squash



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Been following you guys since 2012, and it hasn't been a mistake!
I did not post a lot in the community though...

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I DID KNOW YOU CAN SIGN WITH STEAM TOY DIDNT MENTION THAT THANKS FOR THAT AND THE GIVEAWAY. been following since  2011. I made a poem that makes me thing of you and the team, 
Its a mans obligation
to stick his boneration
in a womans seperation,
this sort of penitration
will increase the population
of the younger generation

lol no serious i would love to win this sinces i broke my gaming 600 pounds gaming  laptop. what did i learn? you have a box full of titan blacks and laptop=NOT GAMING
p.s now i will be a login in everytime now, not to piss you off but to piss of the the other poster :)jk

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